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I like what I'm herring

Hello! It's been a while.. a little re-intro, shall we?

Back in 2010, I started a blog when shit hit the fan at my house in Birmingham. Right after buying it, there was a leak that took months of back-and-forth on figuring out where it was coming from. My roommates and I moved out of the house and into the Embassy Suites for a couple of months while the ceiling was ripped out and construction was completed. Total mess and very stressful for my new-homeowner self, but I wanted a way to document what was going on, and I like what I'm Herring was born!

After moving back in (and having no money lol), I set out to do as many DIY projects I could to whip her into shape. I learned from other DIY bloggers, grew my tool collection, and loved creating with my hands. It was during this time that I left my job at an ad agency to pursue artwork full time. It wasn't terribly lucrative, but I loved it. I blogged about everything from my artwork to football games to trips.

In 2016, I decided to move to Santa Rosa Beach to be closer to my boyfriend (we figured we should live in the same state before taking the next step). Since I worked from home, I could work anywhere, so I put this 1953 kitschy house on the market. She was the cutest house on the block (and still is, I drive by when I'm back in Bham). Click here to see all the pics of her staged while in the midst of selling her.

So much has changed since moving to Santa Rosa Beach, FL in 2016! When I sold the Redwood Street house, I bought the house I'm in now. Things were stagnant on the home-project front for years. The basics were done, like painting the walls, but nothing of note.

Then Richard and I got married in December 2020. Seemingly overnight, we started tackling several projects at once. So many projects that have been so transformative, that I decided to revive the ol' blog to share my process.

So here we go! I opted to put it on my biz website, because I thought it would be confusing to have two sites. I'll leave up the site for the Redwood Street house, and use this platform for my current house.. I guess she needs a name now.

Thrilled to announce we've already made her the cutest house on the block! The next post will show you how we did it. Stay tuned!

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